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A lot of nature with a little bit of red

A lot of nature with a little bit of red,
And that is to be said.
Trees and forests for miles on end.
I forget the cityscape, but I try to pretend.
The branches start to bend,
And then there is a crack.
The fire starts to sizzle and glow, like preparing an attack.
We huddle around the fire,
Though we have one more desire.
At least we do not need to “brrr.”
We collect the ingredients and start to stir.
The fire grows higher and higher
In fact, so high
It lights up the night sky.
Our brains start to tire.
Now I can only darkness and the fire.
We pour the soup into bowls, though it starts to droop.
I go to sleep, though wondering if I’m in a loop.
Am I inevitably waiting for my doom?
Or perhaps I’m trapped inside a room.
But as the night sky fades from night,
I start to see daylight.
Waking up again to see the same sight.
For I am still here, and the wood is still bark.
The sky has turned bluish though still very dark.
I light another match,
I sit down and start to attach.
To reflect how I got here and everything I’ve said.
As I look at my surroundings,
A lot of nature with a little bit of red.