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Cranes and Christmas Tree



I’m living in a magnificent city. In the morning, when the first sunlight illuminates the earth, the buildings seem to wear a beautiful yarn shirt. The world revives, people get to work. Cars make a beautiful picture, like a glittering lake.

In the afternoon, flowers blossom, trees and grass make a marvelous photo. Children play happily. There’s laughter everywhere.

In the evening, colorful lights open. The city looks like the dark sky with shining stars. The wind blows. Slowly, the city becomes quiet. All the lives are sleeping. The lively city becomes mysterious and poetic. Everything is sleeping except the lights. They change every second to make magnificent pictures. They light the sky and make night into morning.

But the magnificent lights also cause problems. Some small turtles are born on the beach, and they need to go back to the sea. They only know that the sea is light and take the city as the sea because the city is much lighter than the sea. When they miss their way, they may die.

So not every magnificent city is good for wildlife. Something beautiful for us might be poisonous for others.

A Magnificent City Ziqing (Izzie) Peng
Ziqing (Izzie) Peng, 10
Nanjing, China

Cranes and Christmas Tree Nicholas Taplitz
Nicholas Taplitz, 13
Los Angeles, CA