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The narrator recalls the day she brought her dog, Yoda, home

Screech!!! Our car came to a halt at a traffic light. I thought we were going to a nearby shop to pick out a gift before my birthday. It was exactly Halloween day.

Right now I was wondering where exactly we were going. I first thought we were going to the store closest to my house, but then we passed it and the next shop and the shop furthest from my house and still we were still going.

“Where are we going?” I asked my parents.

“Somewhere,” they replied.

My dad swerved the car onto a highway and we zoomed our way through the highway. Then we got stuck in traffic. “Oh, great,” I muttered. Then, when we were out of traffic, we started the wheels. Our car started going fast. Really fast. Just over the speed limit—maybe one mile per hour. Our car’s outer metal and doors shone like the sun.

Once we arrived at our destination, which for some reason was the airport, I wondered why we were there. My mind was starting to fog up, and then suddenly I had one clear thought: I must be getting my dog . . .

We screeched into the parking lot. I lurched forward. I started feeling sick. My eyes were clouding up. I could hear the car roaring while the engines worked hard to go at the speed.

We hopped out of the car and dashed into the airport. Then we charged through the door like a herd of buffalos charging at other animals. I saw we were in Terminal 1, and I looked around.

Girl with Creature

There were few people; it was desolate as the Sahara Desert. I saw a couple of planes landing outside the airport. One was from Paris, another from Seoul, and another one from the UK. I saw another person and they came over to our side. Still six feet apart. I found out they were another owner who was supposed to get their dog—the dog that was the sister of my dog.

I had already named my dog Yoda. I’d named him that because he has super short legs just like Yoda. He also looked maybe a bit like Yoda. They had named Yoda’s sister Luna.

I walked back and forth at the main entrance. Then I saw the crew start coming out. Their shoes clanked on the floor. I wasn’t here to see the pilots,  though. I was here to see Yoda.

“Dad, when is my dog coming?” I asked.

“Yoda is going to come any moment now,” my dad replied. The passengers started coming out. Passenger after passenger, and still no Yoda. I sighed.

Then came a cart with a crate— actually two crates—and we rushed over. I looked in the smaller one, but it didn’t look like Yoda. Its name was something like Aronge. The other dog was a Korean Jindo mix, and its name was Buddy. Then something caught my eye. It was in a sack. I glanced inside it and what I saw was the dog I was looking for. The dog was Yoda!

I shouted to my parents in a low voice, “Yoda’s in the sack!” They bolted next to me faster than the speed of light. I looked inside and I saw Yoda’s face. He was so adorable. He licked me.

I said thank you to the person holding Yoda, and we jumped back in the car. After twenty minutes of driving, he escaped and jumped on me. I grabbed him and he felt fluffy and was the size of a mouse, I thought.

We walked out and heard the wind whistle.

My life is going to be very different from now on, I thought. And also, Yoda, you’re home, not in any other place.