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A quiet neighborhood seemed empty,

yet it was the fullest it could be.

Even if ones weren’t out,

they were enjoying peace and love

with their friends and family.

Even if the outside seemed empty

it was very full.

Animals like birds and squirrels

skittered and flew

with a cool breeze that surrounded,

thriving in a promising

nature-full environment.

Peace fluttered place to place,

filling everywhere with itself.

Even if it was so full,

so full,

never yet to be completely full.

A quiet neighborhood would

always welcome

more to be

in such a wonderful place,

such a wonderful place.

Such a wonderful place

ain’t need anything

but wonderful creatures.

Nothing ain’t not wonderful

if it just cherishes life.

Such a wonderful place needn’t be a quiet neighborhood.

Such wonderful creatures needn’t be people and birds and squirrels.

A loud neighborhood, maybe,

but maybe

a forest,

a meadow,

a city without harm.

a desert, even,

a humble rural,

any place could fit

the wonderful atmosphere

of beautiful nature.

A Moment of Peacefulness

A gorilla, haha,

a dog,

a cat,

a horse,

or maybe even

a snake—


is beautiful

in any possible way.


people just misread

the eyes of

some creature,

but all

are equal

in a beautiful world,


some places,

like a quiet neighborhood,

some creatures,

like a seemingly scary spider,

can have just as much


and love

without fear

and with courage,

without needing

to shrink back into the shadows,

but with




darkness to light

and a heart

to a small world like so,

in just a humble place,

in just a wonderful place,

with just wonderful creatures

and everything that life could give

which could be found

in such an ordinary,

fanciless place—but with peace

and love.