About Stone Soup 2021/2022 Classes

Stone Soup is the world’s leading publisher of writing and art by kids. Founded in 1973, we are now offering online courses for students ages 8 to 14. Our courses are ongoing — you join the Stone Soup online community at anytime and continue for as long as you like. Our classes are all integrated into the Stone Soup website and print magazine. There are thus many publishing opportunities enabling you to share your creative work with the entire English speaking world.

Our classes offer good preparation for Middle School, High School, College, and beyond. Wherever you are, we help you prepare for your next step in life. We are here to also help you apply what you learn as creative writers and storytellers to nonfiction, something that can help you in life, no matter what your ultimate profession.

Who are the Stone Soup classes for? Our classes are for you, if you are between 8 and 14 and are passionate about writing or filmmaking. These are not beginning classes. We assume that you enjoy what you are doing, and that you already consider yourself good at it.