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June 2019

Stone Soup is the literary magazine and website written and illustrated by kids through age 13. Now in its 46th year, Stone Soup has been inspiring children to read, write and create their own artworks for publication in our magazine since 1973. Our young authors’ and artists’ work is also published in our Annual, in a series of books, and on our blog. Inspire the children in your life with great short stories and poetry, beautiful art and photography, and thought-provoking reviews–all written by their peers, and published in a style and format they can take real pride in.

Stone Soup magazine: July/August 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of Stone Soup Magazine: July-August 2018 (Volume 46, Issue 5) The July-August 2018 Summer issue contains 4 stories, 1 screenplay, 8 poems, 7 individual artworks, and one book review, plus our Summer Honor Roll: 40 full-color pages of original creative work by kids up to the age of 13, edited by Emma Wood, and published by the Children’s Art Foundation.

Subscribers to the print edition of Stone Soup get 11 full color, 30-page (approx.) issues every year, delivered to your mailbox. Free submissions are included with every subscription. If you don’t want to sign up for a whole year, you can subscribe month by month. Check out the options by clicking the red subscribe button at the top of the page.

Subscribers to the digital edition at Stonesoup.com get:

  • 11 new issues published online every year
  • Blog posts from our growing group of young bloggers
  • Book reviews by our young readers
  • Every story from twenty years of back issues (more than 2,500 pages of reading)
  • Downloadable PDFs of current and past issues
  • Music compositions by kids
  • Graphic art by kids
  • Educator resources
  • Stone Soup author interviews
  • Contests
    …and more.

Subscribe now to inspire the the children in your life to read, write, and create.

Why subscribe to Stone Soup? There are lots of reasons! Here are just a few of them:


  • Encourage reading
  • Inspire writing
  • Inspire artistic endeavors
  • Give young creators a real sense of achievement when they make Honor Roll or publication
  • Get kids involved in an an international project

Stone Soup also provides a valuable teaching resource for homeschoolers and classroom teachers. The writing itself is invaluable (and used by testing services and examination boards around the world), and we have a growing portfolio of activities and supporting materials available to every subscriber.

Also available in the Stone Soup Online Store (stonesoupstore.com):

  • The Stone Soup Annual, a beautiful full-color book in which we publish every issue from the year, plus a selection of our young bloggers work
  • Single (non subscription) copies of monthly issues of the magazine
  • A series of themed anthologies—books of stories from Stone Soup brought together in thematic collections
  • We also have a magnificent collection of children’s art which we sell as high quality color prints at our online store.

Stone Soup is published by the nonprofit 501C(3) organisation, Children’s Art Foundation–Stone Soup Inc. As an educational charity, we rely on subscriptions and donations to fund our work. Founded in 1973 and now with 46 years experience of publishing the finest creative output by children, your support in the form of subscriptions to the magazine and purchases of our books helps us continue our mission of supporting the writers and artists of the future.


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