Animation Examples

Stone Soup Magazine
June 2019

These are examples of animated short films made by individuals or small groups with modest budgets, and lots of creativity. Some of them use simple techniques that you could try at home. They all offer good examples of simple, visual storytelling.We hope these will inspire you and give you ideas when making your own movie.


Little Red Cap

Created by Hazel O’Brien, this remarkable short film retells “Little Red Riding Hood” without using words. Hazel used stop motion animation to bring to life the paper silhouettes she created using a laser paper cutter.


The Traveller

This fanciful adventure story was made by professional artist Raoof Haghighi using a software package called Toon Boom Harmony.

Paper City

Maciek Janicki made this animated short when he was about 24 years old. While the paper in this film looks quite real, he actually made this using 3D animation software.

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