Nonfiction-Science Writing

Saguaros: Amazing Plants

During my visit to Tucson, Arizona during the winter break, I had many close encounters with cacti on the hiking trail, including getting pricked by a jumping cholla cactus. However, I decided to research possibly the most iconic cactus in the world: the massive saguaro cactus. The saguaro cactus is not very common; it is […]

The Eclipse

I walked out onto the balcony. I was barefoot and the balcony was hot, so I was jumping around. We were in South Carolina to see the eclipse. My dad put a blanket on the floor so I didn’t burn my feet. I swiftly jumped onto it to save my poor feet from being burned […]

Pigs to the Rescue

There is a need for organ donors all over the world. Many people lie in hospital beds hoping for a replacement organ. There just aren’t enough available, and no wonder. To get just a few, someone young and healthy would have to die in a way that doesn’t affect their organs. In the U.S. alone, […]