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Akira was a dog. Nitia was a wolf. Akira never cared to think about dogs and wolves living together. Not until Nitia.

Akira always thought about wolves, and why they were hated so much.

She watched them run through the woods and heard their howls. Her owner, who was a hunter, often said wolves were a disgrace and should never be alive. Akira decided to meet a wolf. After all, what could be so bad about her wild cousins?

The dog was racing happily through the woods when she saw another dog. This other dog was a tawny-colored female with pointed ears and a long bushy tail.

No, thought Akira. That is a wolf!

The wolf turned and saw Akira. They watched each other for some time before the wolf walked forward. They sniffed each other, smelling where they had been and what their names were.

Akira smelled that this wolf was named Nitia. Nitia had been the mate of a leader. Then, the leader wolf had then taken another mate, kicking Nitia out of the pack. She was pregnant with his pups. They were due any day.

Akira and Nitia spent every spare moment together. When the sun began to set, Nitia would lead Akira up the mountain and they would howl. Nitia often heard her mate and would howl to him.

One day, Akira was headed to see Nitia when she heard a loud whine. She looked around and saw Nitia lying in a patch of grass. Her pups were coming!

Akira and the Wolf dog and wolf together
Akira and Nitia spent every spare moment together

Akira whimpered. She did not know what to do. What if something bad happened?

“Akira?” called the voice of her owner. “Akira, where are you?”

Akira’s heart leaped. She smelled his gun. He would find Nitia and kill her! She had to lead him away.

The dog headed towards his voice, but it was too late. He emerged from the bushes and said, “There you are! And just as I thought. A wolf.”

Nitia closed her eyes. The man drew back his gun, but Akira lunged in front of the wolf. He could not hurt her.

“Akira, what is this?” he yelled. “Get out!”

Akira did not move. Wolves and dogs were the same. If he could easily kill a wolf, then he could easily kill a dog. She growled.

Her owner looked at her, then lowered his gun. “The wolf lives.” He dropped his gun to the ground and backed away. He moved away into the woods and called Akira to come to him. Akira did not. He got her message and hopefully would tell others.

Now, Akira would be a wolf. She and Nitia would live together. Wolves and dogs could come together again.

Akira and the Wolf Megan Petty
Megan Petty, 11
Lapeer, Michigan

Akira and the Wolf Erik Zou
Erik Zou, 11
Lexington, Massachusetts