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A curiously-shaped case, elongated ebony
Buckles, that when opened reveal gleaming gold
Nestled in velvet, radiant brass glints in twists and turns
Narrow pipes widen to a vast bell
Pieced together with knobs and screws
What will this clanky contraption do?
Blowing begins, a sound like an old man coughing
Spit settling in the pipes, clogging and choking
Frustration, tantrums, dismantling is in sight
Walk around, wait a while, at last it calls me back
With pursed lips and perseverance
An astounding melodious sound echoes, ringing through
the room
Note after note, the slide swings
My hands and mouth laboring in unity
At last I feel connected to this once awkward hunk of brass
It’s no longer just an instrument, but a portal
To my joy of music

Bass Clef Elliott McCloskey
Elliott McCloskey, 13
Eagle, Idaho