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I looked through the small window of my new room, watching heavy streams of water galloping through the streets. Fortunately for me, our house was located high on a hill. My parents had run down to try to help the other villagers. Flood season had come.

All I could do was stare, and watch in amazement and horror. Waves and waves of powerful water were streaming down the mountains, tearing everything. It was terrible. I lifted my head, seeing the great Deer Mountain. The Deer was tall, elegant, and dangerous—especially now. What had once been the beautiful white snow of the peak of the Deer's horn was now gone, and the watery wrath of the Deer was upon us.

Brutal Deluge looking out the window
All I could do was stare, and watch in amazement and horror

I did not know why the great Deer was doing this. Perhaps it was because spring had interrupted his peaceful winter sleep. I closed my eyes, hoping that the Deer would find it in his heart to cease. If the Deer would not forgive us, or whatever the cause, our little settlement would soon become a watery grave.

My head turned away from the window, eyes red with fright. I walked over to my small bed and lay down. However, I could still hear the splashes outside and the occasional scream. The Deer was especially angry. What a pity.

I heard a knock on the door. I didn't budge. To me, the tap! tap! sounded like the galloping Deer, calling to me. Calling me outside, to its wave of terror. I did not open the door. I would be brave.

But, I noticed the cease of splattering and yelling. There was hope. Was it possible that the invisible bear had come, and defeated the Deer? I found the small portion of courage remaining in my heart, and opened the door. It was my father, and he was smiling.

Brutal Deluge Steven Lu
Steven Lu, 12
Anaheim, California

Brutal Deluge Ashley Burke
Ashley Burke, 11
Cedar Park, Texas