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Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2010

By Kayla Walsh

A bluish cabin near a quiet peaceful lake.
Nothing, nothing at all could beat a place like this.
Colorful sailboats glide along the silent water.
A loon and its babies dive down to get a fish,
Leaving a ripple in their place.
Birds calling, a tree swaying,
Laughter of my family fills the air.
My feet run across the soft mossy and green grass,
While playing with my dog.
In this place, it makes me happy,
Takes me away from all the dangers of the world.
It protects me.
I jump into the crystal-clear water.
It refreshes me on a hot summer day.
This place is better than an arcade or a water park.
The hammock swings near the water,
While hot dogs and hamburgers are grilling.
It’s old I know, but it’s the best.
It’s Camp!

Camp Kayla Walsh

Kayla Walsh, 13
Falmouth, Maine

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