Camping in the Fall

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
November/December 2015

By Sonja Minge

Dark skies
The Milky Way shining through
The once bright blue sky
Toasty fire
Turning white marshmallows
To golden brown
Silent wind nips my nose
The occasional hoot of an owl
The yellow-orange flicker brings
Peace to the family
Optimism to the air
Light dew begins to form
Across the sloping grass
Leaves slowly float to the ground
Nature’s music soothes me
Minnesota’s northern lights cast an eerie glow
Across the forest
It’s half past ten
Crawl into the tent
Waiting for the early light of the morning

camping in the fall sonja minge

Sonja Minge, 11
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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