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 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
October 2017

By Emma Wood

Fear, anger, anxiety, the elements—in the stories and poems in this issue, the characters and speakers are all confronting something big and frightening. Time seems to slow down, and nearly stop altogether, in both “Game Time” and “Perfection,” as nerves take over. In “Facing the Hurricane,” the speaker faces not only a dangerous storm, but his own (mis)understanding of his father. Meanwhile, Evelyn faces her loneliness at the thought of her best friend Abigail moving to Korea in “Only an Ocean Away.” In the poem, “I Remember the Water and the Wind,” the speaker discovers her own strength while encountering a storm head-on, and in “Candlenut Tree,” the speaker faces down—and overcomes—her anger “like lava ready to explode into the air.” Can you remember a time when you faced a person, an emotion, or a situation that made you want to turn around—but you didn’t, you stayed? If so, consider writing about the experience—or maybe even drawing a picture of it!—and submitting it to Stone Soup! We’d love to consider it for publication.

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