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I had forgotten what it felt like to fly
I watch as the plane speeds down the runway
A lurch
The wings turn upwards as the wheels retract
The plane flies
gaining height
dips to the right
then the left
now it steadies itself
It climbs higher
reaches a peak
and then climbs higher
touching the clouds
Its blinkers come on
small but strong flashes of light
tumble through the sky
The experience is exhilarating
I am drifting
and the clouds hover below me
a blanket of white
Big towers, only a speck below
Cities, a cluster of little dots
Rivers, a stream of water
The light blue sky a deep blue haven
I am on top of the world
in a special place
a small world
yet on top of the world
My worries left below, waiting
and I let them sit
not wanting to return to the world anytime soon
With one movement
I can shut the world away
but I keep a little window open
And I can see why birds often hang in midair
I want to see it all
I want to fly without the protection of the plane
I want to feel the air surround me
but I am stuck in the plane
with only a pane of glass separating me from the outside world

flight Samantha Ji Ping Wainapel
Samantha Ji Ping Wainapel, 13
New York, New York

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