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What lies in the darkest corner
in the mind of a boy?
His greatest fears. Dark, looming, ominous
shadows of everyday objects
Turn into alarming frights.
Howls, creaks, booms, blasts, blares,
Sneak into the mind of a boy
Creep into his thoughts,
Eliminating his ability to sleep.
The thought of a monster lurking under the bed
Shoots goosebumps up the arms and legs
Of your average boy,
Making him stay up in bed,
Panting. His heart races,
Practically beating out of his chest.
He forces his eyes closed,
Willing himself to a rest
That won’t come.
Fists clenched,
Palms sweaty,
Brow moist,
Breathing fast,
The house creaking,
Trees striking the window
With a slow, eerie beat.
Tears sliding down his cheek,
He engulfs himself in his blanket.
His brain pounding in his head
To the rhythm of the trees
Cracking and snapping
Against the window like
Baseball bats. Trying to calm himself,
Slowly inhaling and exhaling,
Heart slowing down,

Frights Sam Laskin
Sam Laskin, 10
Westport, Connecticut