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I feel tears welling up in my eyes
I try to suppress them
I don’t want to cry
At least not here
In front of people

But I do
I do cry
I cry and I cry
And I try to push it back
But I’ve waited too long

I think about it
About the mess
About my parents
My childhood
My home
My safety
And I cry even more

The mess is big
It overwhelms me
It makes me shiver
It makes me cry

My mother didn’t love my father anymore

I can’t take that knowledge
I can’t believe it
After twenty-three years
Of loving
You just stop
I don’t understand her

Confusion makes me cry

I love my mother
I love my father
I don’t see
Why they can’t love each other

The unknown makes me cry

I have to move
Even though we just moved
I have to pack my clothes
My toys
So I can leave my father
All alone

Change makes me cry

I cry
I cry because I am
Sad and
Confused and
I cry because of my
Parents’ divorce
I cry

I Cry Isabella Ainsworth
Isabella Ainsworth, 11
Davis, California