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We all think we are important.
But if we weren’t here
the world would still turn
the sun would still rise
most people’s lives wouldn’t change.
The world doesn’t need us.
Some people
many people
sit and think about it.
They only see that the whole wide world doesn’t need them
and don’t see that they need the world
for them to feel better
for them to get better.
I am one of those people.
I try to conjure up a lifeline that I can hang onto.
But sometimes,
the school bell just rang
and I’m alone
waiting for the light to change so I can cross.
And a car passes by me,
so close that I can almost touch it.
And I think of how easy it would be
to step forward
to fall.
I have to focus on creating a lifeline,
something that stops me from falling.
I am afraid
that one day
that lifeline will snap
I will fall
I won’t stop myself.
But I hold on.
I find the small things
that give me a lifeline.
The little miracles in life that make it worth living.
Have you ever seen a bird take off,
bursting into the air?
Or felt the joy
when a child takes his first step?
Living things are miracles.
We all have something to give to the world.
Something that the world needs.
These words,
they are my gift to you.
They are my gift to the world.

LIttle MIracles Sylvia Gibson
Sylvia Gibson, 13
Mill Valley, California