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Mamaw’s Mac and Cheese

I picked this recipe because my grandma always makes it for my cousin and me.  Whenever we eat it we think of her. My grandma is the best cook ever! My family and I used to always meet at her house on Sundays and she would always make it. It tastes creamy and chewy at the same time. It is also the best mac and cheese ever!


1 cup (125g) macaroni noodles
½ stick (60g)  butter
½ cup (125ml) milk
a little half-and-half or single cream
1 block (approx 4oz (115g)) Velveeta or other processed cheese


Cook macaroni till partly tender. Drain and put back in pan. Add half and half, butter, and milk. Put over low heat. Microwave a chunk of Velveeta cheese to melt (about 1½ minutes in 30 second bursts); add to pan with macaroni and stir in. Watch closely, it is easy to burn, and take off when it looks ready.

Georgia Armstrong Mamaw’s Mac and Cheese
Georgia Armstrong, 11
Louisville, KY