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The rain steadily falls,
against the roof of my bus stop.
The air is so cold I can see my sparkling white breath.
I can already tell it’s going to be a long dreary day.

When it rains, nothing goes my way.
The weather makes my spirit drop,
like the temperature when summer slips to autumn.
The sky is gray and fierce,
so the sun has a difficult time shining through,
and showing its warm face.
A cloud of darkness looms over my head.
I am stuck in its shadow.

The groaning yellow bus slowly turns the corner.
I drag myself toward the curb as it rolls down the hill.
Once I am aboard, the tired frustrated faces of the other kids
surround me.

I find my seat by a window.
The glass is as foggy as pea soup.
Nothing is visible through its moist surface,
though I wish it was,
like on a sunny day.

I take my delicate finger and slowly draw a smiley face
on the window.
In my mind I know this blissful image will eventually fade away,
but it will be my sunshine for the rest of this rainy day.

My Temporary Window Art Nadia Rossy
Nadia Rossy, 12
Bedford Hills, New York