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Peaceful river waves
whisper nature all around
me. My pen reaches into
calm breeze. Sunshine on

water makes the blue
look like someone broke
pieces of gold and threw
them in. Every wave pops

up, meets soft green leaves.
My feet drag against rocks.
I am just trying to make my way
through nature’s galaxy.

A boat in the distance starts
moving toward us. Then—a dead
stop. When it moves again, it is
a seagull flying. The boat

passes rows of homes, its motor
interrupting the blue water’s turn
to speak. Very rude of you,
speedboat. A man on the other

bench meditates. He should be
able to enjoy silence. Yeah,
speedboat, he should. I move
away from shade and my brother

shows me a great egret catching
a fish. Two egrets and a swan
converse. We watch a slow
tortoise rise from the water and

kayak toward us and the poor
gargantuan tree tortured with
graffiti. But the tree offers
shade and shade and walking

are the prerequisites of parks,
as is trying to remember
your brain’s best
poetic errands. Like I

just did. It’s not
hard if you jump in
the waves and swim
in the land of thoughts.

Nature’s Canvas Rainer Pasca
Rainer Pasca, 9
Bay Shore, New York