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I didn't know
That going to my new school
Would mean four long nights
Away from you.

I didn't know
I would miss your scratchy face
When you kiss me,
Wrestling on the bed,
Climbing on your back
Or into the "rabbit hole"
To watch TV together.

I didn't know
Just how much I'd miss your funny faces
And my favorite Hungarian love song
About meeting the girl at seven-thirty
Under the stars.

I didn't know
How much I loved
Your gentle "slamming" me into bed,
Your never giving me a straight answer
And the footballs we throw to each other.

I know now how much you love me
Because you drive the long miles
To San Francisco
Working extra,
Returning only after everyone is asleep
Just for me.

You leave before dawn, but
You call every morning and night
Just to say you love me millions.

The only thing ever scary about you
Is losing you.
It breaks my heart
And unfolds it
That you work so long and hard
Just for me.

No Simple Thank You Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts, 10
Windsor, California