Over The Shadowed Hill

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
September 2017

Genevieve Gray Fink

We drove over the hill
In the dark lamplight night
My grandma in front
Full speed ahead

The warm flowing breeze
It showed me the way
As the mauve sunrise
Shown bright ahead

Past the farm
Watching the cows eat
My grandma and me
Drove swiftly away

As the sunrise followed us
It began to fade
As the warm swift breeze
turned cold
And it scurried away

That sweet sunrise
left us all
The town came clearer
The people filing away

They didn’t seem to notice
My grandma and me
They didn’t seem to see
that beautiful things fade

The rosy color of dawn spreads all over the sky

The rosy color of dawn spreads all over the sky, Photo by Julia Li

Genevieve Gray Fink Over The Shadowed Hill

Genevieve Gray Fink, 9
Hoboken, NJ

The rosy color of dawn

Julia Li, 12
Mason, OH

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