The evening dims the light of day, The moon glows brightly above the world, The hilltops rest, the mountains lay, The clouds shine silver, all starlight curled. Stars peep their golden heads across the sky, Moonlight casts its sullen webs of light over the ground, Beaming with a chilling light from way up high, The […]

Inside Mr. Vinden’s Library

When they take a trip, Millie and her mother must stay with surly, strict Mr. Vinden Mr. Vinden didn’t enjoy houseguests. Mr. Vinden didn’t like people in general—but houseguests were particularly bad. Today was one of the dreaded days that he would have a houseguest. Actually, he would have two: Mrs. Perdy and her daughter, […]

Lost Memories

A soldier reflects on the random nature of war while on the battlefield All I could see was death. The constant shots of gunfire rattled my eardrums and sent chills all the way to my bones. A continuous torrent of fire came from behind every tree in the forest. And the blood, the blood was […]

The Lion & the Lizard

A rose is as delicate as the wind, While however, A lion is fearless It keeps its ground, Rooted like a tree, And when it roars, The dirt floor Rumbles beneath But sometimes It’s hard To be Fearless A lizard is quick But Runs from you A lizard is Aware But afraid Quiet But camouflaged […]


Is the sea a dark, terrifying force? Or is his fear unwarranted? The narrator wonders during a family vacation Golden sunrays flowed through the open window of my train. My anticipation burned as hard as the surface of the sun. My ears were suddenly assaulted by the screeching of the train stopping. The wheels crawled […]


Dark clouds mean Rain is going to come BOOM, BOOM, BOOM At your window Hard rain Soft rain Hurricane When I walk outside There is a surprise Puddles here Puddles there Puddles, puddles Everywhere


Birds are wonderful They make life better They sing and bring us joy They are so sweet With a little tweet, tweet They fly up high In the sky

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