Free Waters

I wish the world could see me now The waves are light The winds are soft I left my army up on land Defenseless, I stand Whispers inside my head What I never thought would ever end I close my eyes, I listen My costume gone, I leave the earth I set my coat on […]


As I came out of my skin I had no idea How beautiful I was when I bloomed I was white, yellow, blue, and green Me And as I thought to myself The sky is blue The grass is green Dotted with pictures My past, my present This is how it was meant to be […]

A lot of nature with a little bit of red

A lot of nature with a little bit of red, And that is to be said. Trees and forests for miles on end. I forget the cityscape, but I try to pretend. The branches start to bend, And then there is a crack. The fire starts to sizzle and glow, like preparing an attack. We […]


I wonder what it would be like To live in a world Where I sound strange. I wonder what came after before But before history. I’m supposed to wonder, What? Where? When? Those are the questions I’m supposed to ask. But instead, I always ask, Why? I think it’s annoying. I think I don’t care.


Siddharth discovers a surprising solution to his family’s rat problem The damp, musty smell filled my nostrils as I carefully switched on the light. Armed with a wooden bat, I warily surveyed the inside of the garage. Cardboard boxes lay scattered everywhere, filled to the brim with a various assortment of items. I put a […]

Gone Feeding

“Gone fishing” is misleading, A phrase some people say For me, the fish just eat my bait And then they swim away

Little Bay Soup

Start with a bucket of water Taken straight from the bay Taste, to ensure it is salty Look, to ensure it is gray Find the Little Bay Sand Witch Borrow a cup of her sand Ask for the kind that is sweaty Or I warn you your soup will be bland Hunt for the shell […]

Rise Up

A meek hermit crab is fed up with the bully crabs at school I wake up to the mechanical beeping of my alarm clock. I sit up rubbing my eye stalks. I climb out of bed and take off my scratchy abdomen cover. I quickly put on a moss-cotton and coconut fiber one, and then […]