Imogen’s Journey

After the terrors of Kristallnacht, Imogen’s Jewish family must flee German-occupied Vienna. That morning, the Bernsteins had risen early, creating quite a commotion as they set about preparing breakfast and making sure nothing was going to be left behind. From the wailing of little Edna when she couldn’t find her stuffed bear to the clatter […]


I see myself in it. Everything looks the same. My dark-as-night hair, brown as a grizzly bear’s eyes, curvy ears, hairy brows, and pink nails. It looks as if it was a duplicate of me. When I move, it moves too. When I look sad, it looks sad too. When I look happy, it looks […]

A stone’s secret eyes

A stone skips through the world, Though unseen by the common eye. Perhaps it begins out on the road, watching the mailman with his load. As frost comes and all grows cold, It rolls a way, by playfully running children’s feet. And now it’s only half the size— Has the world a plot for a […]