Once I saw the stars Saw them in the dead of night Once I saw the stars Red and blue, dim and bright Once I saw the stars Twinkling in the sky Once I saw the stars Pure beauty to my eye Once I saw the stars But now the sky is gray and mean […]


A girl learns strategies for life by playing a traditional Korean game with her grandfather. In traditional Korea, there is a game that requires both sharp wit and quick, nimble fingers. Called alkkagi and translated literally as “shooting eggs,” it is a game that is generally played by the older generation and enjoyed by the […]


Ogres stomp Ogres march Ogres punch Ogres growl. And the best of all When it’s getting dark They crawl into their caverns And go to sleep. And they stop stomping and marching and punching and growling. Ogres dream about their next day.

The Zoo

Peacocks peep Lions lurk Tigers yap Monkeys hang and jump. And when the night moon comes out And the stars glow brightly All the animals cuddle up And say goodnight.


At the zoo, there are elephants And then there are elephant shrews People come to see the elephants Children point and throw peanuts Adults take pictures Elephants are on TV Ever seen a shrew on TV? And yet, the shrew is still there, looking at you, Afraid to snuggle up by an elephant’s foot Where […]


After school, you go Home. You feel safe when you are Home. After a long day, you go Home. When you’re tired, you want to go Home. When you are on the road, you want to go Home. When you’re at school, you want to go Home. When you are crying, you want to go […]

Where I’m From

I am from the teddy bear that is gigantic From old dishes from Greece I am from the calm wind that blows by my house And the swing that went away in the waves of our pool I am from the huge pine tree in the backyard that litters the ground I am from the […]