The Samara’s Flight

A strong wind sends the samara seed on a journey to find her new home When the wind began to blow, the whole world seemed to be angled in the exact same way, swaying in the same gentle pattern. The clouds traveled across the gray sky, the branches of the trees bending and creaking as […]

Snow Day

A year after the snow day that changed her life forever, Anna finds a wounded bird On Tuesday morning, a sheath of crystalline white over the bedroom window obstructed Anna’s view of anything else outside. Snow day, she thought, and without explanation, a feeling of dread crept over her. School would be canceled, she knew, […]

One Day Old

What a wonderful time of year it is, winter. Snow fills the air, soft and cold Tumbling down white dunes, forever bold Standing atop it, I seem never to shiver Technically I was born a day ago, Made by children with smiles that glowed Alas I cannot play with them, for I have no legs […]

Editor’s Note

As you may have noticed just from holding it in your hands, this issue is longer than usual. That’s because in addition to the regular forty-eight pages of writing and art, you’ll find an extra ten pages of art in this, our new art edition of the magazine. We’ve decided to make a special art […]

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