What does this really mean? Guys why life is like this? I love my friends Those who accepted me the way I am and couldn’t judge   This poem was created with the support of the Humanitarian Service Team. The Humanitarian Service Team is a refugee founded and led nonprofit, community-based organization located in Nakivale […]


Right in your hands That very hard night Because I am your child That time we had a chance to turn a page and the only way to get out of the stupid town. Bang bang bang Trrrack trrrack Krack krack krack Those are the sounds we heard behind us as we were running away […]

War and Pieces (Part II)

This is the second installment of Alice Pak’s novella, which we will be publishing over the course of three issues. You can read the beginning of Alice’s story in our January/February issue. Chapter Two Unlike Misha, I was always a little on the more reckless side. I was two years younger than him, though sometimes […]


Summer is what I grow in my garden Summer is what I wear on the beach Summer is what I sing in my song Laughing, with the charming daisies Flying, with my rainbow dress Crying, with the waves in the ocean How I wished you could stay

Allison’s Garden

A tribute to a young girl’s garden Leaves everywhere, big, small, short, tall. Trees that lead you to unknown places in their towering branches. Bushes that you have never seen before. Flowers so beautiful you can’t see them. The sound of birds. Bugs, small bugs with wings, old and young bugs, everywhere. Nowhere is a […]

Flower Punctuations

Flowers are punctuations A dandelion is an ellipsis . . . for its seeds are blowing away. A comma is a lily, for it’s buried in the ground. A colon is two buds or flowerlets: for they are small and have dots. A quotation is two hollyhocks “For their heads reach all to the sky,” […]

Alex and the Magical Harp

In Madagascar, a poor boy seeks music and magic for his village A long time ago, a poor boy named Alex lived in a village in Madagascar. His days were filled with boredom, as there was no music where he lived. His life was limited within the boundaries of the village. Only the local storyteller, […]