Summer Evening

The light is soft, the air is moist, the water rushes fast, the stars shine, each one a glowing crumb in the sky. The land is quiet and solemn. The owl calls, without haste, “Whoo? Who?” as if talking to the column of moonlight that stretches across the land, as if to soften the quickly […]

A Hidden World

The narrator discovers the underwater wonders of a coral reef in Bermuda Shhhhh . . . Water slaps the shore and whispers back. I snap on my snorkel and clumsily splash into the sun-spangled shallows. “Come on!” Dad gently calls to me. “Okay, hang on!” I laugh, pulling on my flippers. As I bend over, […]

A muted invitation

Oh, write me a chapter, one where I am none, the trees lash merrily, the sun is dim, a muted invitation, for me, for you.

The water skeeters

On the water the bugs float, lazily, legs stretched out, looking to grip a stick or stone, camouflaged in serenity, as if, do I have to hide from frogs today?

Tree alone

Has anyone ever wondered why trees reach out? Oh, the branches So lonely that tree must be, alone in the middle of a honeysuckle field dappled with nothing but its own leaves Leaves, oh tree’s loves, they leave as happened to me, as happened to him, reaching out to pull her back, alone.


the rivers flow gently with leaves floating by in the crystal clear sky clouds circle by as a bird tweets in a tree. I watch how nature is beautiful as can be as wind sways the trees. And I think I love nature and I hope it loves me.

Solo The Banter

Oh banter and Talk Canned Laugher and Fun in movies but Let’s keep BANTER and BANTER until your Eyes get heavy and heads CLASH down. Powering seconds of bams + HAHA’s Over HILLS of LAUGHTER And CHATS-BAMS with joy until I Say: Quiet yo, Time To Banter

You Own It

Sometimes, courage can be broken. Stories I’ve read felt like it happened. Words could not be spoken at that time. Where would this life lead me? Is it to the sea of worries or a world of spells? I shouldn’t doubt myself. Anger erupts in my mind, but what I let out is the great […]