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The little brown dog
huddled up against me
breathes deeply
knowing he is safe.

Crickets chirp outside
an owl hoots
frogs croak
but he sleeps through this
snoring on my lap.

His body is so warm
with each slow breath he heaves
his body pushes against mine
and he knows
that I am still with him.

But as my body stays
with the dog
reassuring him
that all is well,
my thoughts travel
and I think back to our
first day together.

He barked at every neighbor
jumped on the table
ate all our good food
chewed up the couch.
No one understood
why we kept him.

But I do now.

His paws are tucked in
his snores are little whistles
he is deep in sleep.
He is completely at ease
because he knows I am with him
holding him
keeping him safe and warm.

Where would this little brown dog be
without me?
And where would I be
without him?

He stirs sleepily
and I hug him close
his head drops down
resting in my lap.

And our breathing is now

Like the chirping
of the crickets

Puppy Emina S. Sonnad
Emina S. Sonnad, 12
Snohomish, Washington