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I spread my sides, flattening like Play-Doh,
And close my eyes as light spreads its fingers over my back.
My blood heats and spills warmth into my tail and toes.
Hidden prey sings the song of my recognition and their mating.
I open my eyes to see a lizard.
He lies on his tri-colored boulder like a scaly draping.
He looks dull against his darkened, nonsensical,
almost see-through background.
Another sun rests above his head.
How nice it must be to have the sun follow you around. He cocks his head as I do the same,
He often comes when the crickets sing and often sits
on his red rock.
Tonight he is a wet bearded dragon, like he was in the rain.
As I have been,
Warm water poured down my head as I stood,
Up to my sides, in water before I went to my den.
Prey sits in front of him as a chirp sounds in my ear.
I admire the diamonds on his back, so like my own,
And the red and white around his ears I also thought were
mine alone.
Our close resemblance is queer.
His tail is gray but red striped and tame.
And his head is the work of a perfectionist artist
In its perfect symmetrical design only nature can claim.
I clamber off my red basking rock and so does he.
This night he moves with me, mirroring my every move.
He looks so close he could be me.
Then click… the sun is dark.
My eyes see in the new land instantly,
But the lizard in gone, where does he lurk?
I pull my dragon body over my hill into my cave,
And wonder if he will come on the dawn of tomorrow

Reflection Genevieve Jacobs
Genevieve Jacobs, 12
Tallahassee, Florida