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Sweet like ice cream in the summer.
There for two minutes then gone.
But always with me.
They possess me and my heart but always love me.
They stand by me wherever I go.
If I choose to go to the moon they will be there
listening to the silence with me.
Waiting outside, waiting for me to come out.
I rush down the stairs like a puppy when it’s time
for a walk.
We see each other and smile, thinking what could be
better than this?
Now walking I feel like a leaf drifting in the wind.
Laughing so hard I can’t even breathe.
Then I stop, keep a straight face for five seconds,
then laugh again.
On a roller coaster that’s me and my life.
With loops and twists.
Roller coaster… an adventure. Fun. Scary.
I come home and hear silence.
I see the light from the lamp in my room.
I turn it off and fall in bed.
I stare at a wall thinking and listening to the silence.
Taking in the darkness of the room.

Roller Coaster Brooklyn Jeffcoat
Brooklyn Jeffcoat, 12
Seattle, Washington