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I love it when it’s raining
and you’re driving
and you pass under a bridge
and the rain stops
for just a moment.

I love it when you walk outside
on a wet morning
and you can smell damp clay
and freshly mown grass
under the gray morning light.

I love it when it’s nighttime
and you’re under a cool blanket of stars
and you feel like
you should be able to see your breath
or taste the air.

I love it when you’re at the beach
and you let the water
stream to your toes
and your ankles sink into the sand
and the water streams back out again.

I love it when you look at someone—
just glance at them barely—
and you both know
that you’re about to burst out
in laughter.

I love it when it’s snowing outside—
just gently, though—and you
sit outside in the snow
and let the snowflakes fall on you
in their quiet, peaceful way.

I love it when a spacious room
becomes absolutely quiet
except for the sound of a
clock ticking away the time
of silence in the room.

I love it when you bite into
a perfect apple
and you can hear that
satisfying crunch that just
makes it taste so much better.

I love it when a gust of gentle wind
streams through the trees
so that they rattle
and it sounds like water
is passing through.

I love it when you read the last words of a book
and you read them over
and then the first words
and then the title
because you just can’t believe it’s over.

I love it when you do that:
when you smile like that at me.
Do it again;
smile like that
at me.

Simpleness Madeline Snigaroff
Madeline Snigaroff, 11
Del Mar, California