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The Angel's Command book cover

The Angel's Command by Brian Jacques;
Philomel Books: New York, 2003; $23.99

I was excited yet worried throughout most of this book. When the La Petite Marie first set sail they were being followed by the Diablo Del Mar. I thought at first that the La Petite Marie was going to be caught, and then they might have been sunk. The little boy named Ben was a very smart person. Even though his body did not get older, he did. He was very wise and it was easy to see throughout the story. I always get told that I am very mature for my age. I tend to get along with older kids better than kids that are my age, so in a way I kind of act like Ben. I thought it was interesting when he thought of the idea for the La Petite Marie to sail into the rocks off course at nighttime to avoid getting captured by the Diablo Del Mar. When I went to a mountain training camp in September, we played Capture the Flag in the woods at night. It started to rain and it was hard to see. I found a little ditch that I could crawl in to get to the other team's side without being noticed. It worked for a while but I was eventually captured. What Ben did reminded me of that.

One of the most exciting parts of the story was when the La Petite Marie was attacked by the British privateer. I thought that the La Petite Marie would be sunk, but they managed to get away. The rear of the ship was blown away and a few men were killed. The captain, Ned, and Ben were still alive. This reminded me of when America invaded Iraq. Many men died, including Americans. My brother went to that war and now he's safe at home.

My favorite character in the story was the dog, Ned. He was a grown black Labrador that was very intelligent. I admired Ned because he watched over Ben and was very protective. Ned and Ben had a bond that was like two brothers. They had the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. My brother and I live with separate parents, but we still get along just like two brothers normally do. I think we get along just like Ben and Ned.

Another one of my favorite characters was Thuron. He was the captain of the La Petite Marie. He was a kind captain who believed Ned and Ben were good luck. When he was in a bar, he was getting tricked by the captain of the Diablo Del Mar. When Ned and Ben walked in, Ben saw that the captain was being tricked so he put up all of his gold. Thuron won the bet, and that's why he thought Ben and Ned were lucky. He even yelled at his crew members if they yelled at Ben or Ned. He reminded me of my science teacher because my science teacher is the nicest teacher I have, and he respects all of his students equally.

Overall, I thought this was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The characters were well thought-out and each had unique personalities, especially Ben and Ned. The characters remind me of people I know, so I was able to relate to them very well. I like how they have a brotherly bond which keeps them together. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading adventure stories. This story holds the reader's attention all the way to the end.

The Angel's Command Alexander J. Gore
Alexander J. Gore, 13 Wheat Ridge, Colorado