The Chase

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
July/August 2011

By Jack Mesich

Elk stands framed against the light blue sky sniffing
the hot air for a sign of wolf.
He smells wolf.
But the scent is faint and there is no danger right now
so he lowers his horned head
and starts eating the ripe green grass at his hooves,
not looking for a sign of predators,
but focused on eating.

Elk lifts his head up fast.
He smells something.
But much closer than before.

He starts running
jumping over logs
trying to get away.
But the wolf is upon him.
Elk runs as fast as he can, but not fast enough.
The wolf leaps at his rump.
Elk jumps aside leaving the wolf panting
and abandoning the chase.
Elk is too big for the wolf to tackle by himself.

The Chase Jack Mesich

Jack Mesich, 11
Sioux Lookout, Ontario

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