The Ocean

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
September/October 2013

By Emma Rose Kirby

I have many worries, many fears
The hot humid air
Brings perspiration down my neck
I am tense, my mind alert

I am stretched, and pushed, and torn
And squashed and ripped apart
Between tests and recitals
And plays and performances
With the spotlight following me as I go

I let loose my high, strict, tight ponytail
I take a deep breath
Then go headfirst
Into the cold,
Calm, beautiful, sparkling
Salt water

I sit on the ocean floor
My hair dancing freely around me
The sun paints the water in the most unimaginable ways
Better than the most famous artists could

I wave to the majestic sea life
Swimming around me
The kelp speak for them
Swaying back and forth in response

I connect with the water
Feel I can understand it
It comforts me in ways
No mother could ever comfort her child
I feel at home here,
I never want to leave

Somehow I wish I could grow gills
Become a mermaid
But alas I am only human
So I must take a breath
I push up to the surface
Then as the air hits me
All my worries flow back into me
Accusing me of ever leaving them behind

But I push them away
For they can touch me no longer
Because the ocean has reminded me
That I do not have to be afraid

Even as I walk away from the ocean,
It protects me still
And together, as one
We leave those worries
To drown

The Ocean Emma Rose Kirby

Emma Rose Kirby, 11
New York, New York

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