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The Radiant Melody two blue birds
He seemed to be singing to somebody. And he was

A few fallen leaves and twigs rustled around me as I shuffled my feet. I crouched in the darkest corner of my backyard. As I brushed my black hair behind my ear, through the plumage of green leaves I could see a beautiful male blue jay.

He was a quite large blue jay with gleaming blue feathers and his crest was raised in a dignified way. He let out a call. Then suddenly he began to sing. It was a beautiful song, full of melody.

I was in awe, since it was such a wonderful song. The soft melody floated through the trees, and up. There was silence. Then he began his song again. He seemed to be singing to somebody. And he was. As he sang I saw a bird far away, gliding closer.

It was another blue jay. It seemed feminine because of its smaller size and much more dull colors. As it landed on the branch next to the male blue jay it started grooming the other blue jay.

Then so suddenly both of the blue jays spread open their wings so quickly one would expect to hear an umbrella opening. As they soared into the air, I watched. Then I shaded my eyes from the glare of the sun. This is a wonderful sight! I thought. Then I raised my head again and gazed at the sky. I could still see two compact hints of birds flying into the sky.

The Radiant Melody Angela Chang
Angela Chang, 9
Sugar Land, Texas

The Radiant Melody Erik Zou
Erik Zou, 10
Lexington, Massachusetts