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I watch the trains go by
The sky takes on a purple haze that seems unique to London

As I slowly fall asleep,
I try to imagine my father doing the same thing, decades ago
I am lying in the house he grew up in, in the same bed,
with the same blanket

I imagine living in London
eating dinner at the little table where you have to tuck
your elbows in
then going upstairs to bed and looking at the trains
Would I enjoy it as much?
Would I even consider myself lucky?

I wake up and look out the window
The sun is glaring in my face even though it is early morning
I watch the trains going by, the same ones as last night

The trains feel as if they are right next to you
close enough that you can watch the people going past
as the trains follow their everyday routine

The people on the trains never notice you
But you can see everything they do for those brief seconds
before they disappear

The Trains That Went By 31 Years Ago Stella White
Stella White, 11
Newark, Delaware