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The Water Gun Fight playing with water guns
There he was, looking the other way!

“Splat!” A blast of cold water slapped my bare arm. Gasping, I quickly whirled around to catch the source of the attack. I faced a familiar face with dark brown eyes, dark uncombed hair that stuck out in every direction, and a big, playful smile. It couldn’t be anyone but my older brother, Paul. “Fight, or prepare to die!” he yelled, trying to make his voice sound raspy and evil. I giggled at the fake pirate voice he made, knowing that this threat was coming all along. The clues were simple, it was a hot, humid day and my brother and I were very bored. It was too hot to be outside, too hot to be inside, too hot to be anywhere. Our parents had gone to attend a school PTA meeting and had left me in the supervision of my older brother. Was this a good decision? I wasn’t so sure.

“Hmm,” I said, deciding which risk I should take, “dying” or fighting. “Fight!” I decided, grinning.

“Good choice,” my brother said in the raspy pirate voice. He threw me a water gun filled with water. “I’ll stay in the back and you go to the front,” he declared. I nodded and ran as fast as I could to the front of the house. “Ready?” I heard my brother call.

“Yeah!” I answered. The fight began!

After a few seconds of waiting behind a tall pine tree, I crept up to the side of the house, my water gun up, ready to fire. Cautiously, I took a quick glance of the front of the house, searching for my brother. There he was, looking the other way! A perfect chance, I thought to myself. I silently tiptoed towards my brother to get a more accurate shot and then started spurting water at his back. He yelled in shock and, as quick as lightning, he spun around like a top and then started pumping water at me like a maniac. There was water everywhere!

Then, I was out of water. “Hey! Wait!” I yelled, trying to avoid water gushing into my mouth. My brother stopped. He was grinning so wide that all I could see was a row of big, white teeth, like a shark that’s just about to eat you whole. His eyes glittered with delight like stars in the night sky. His wet, dark brown hair was plastered down to his head, which made it look like he had a hat on. “I’m out of water!” I exclaimed.

“So am I,” my brother replied.

The Water Gun Fight tea cup

We walked towards the water hose to refill our guns. That was when I realized I was drenched from head to toe. Although it was a bright sunny day, I was freezing. My wet clothes were stuck to my skin, making me even colder. As my brother refilled his gun, he asked in a concerned tone, “Are you cold? Do you want to go in now?”

“Well, it is kind of cold…” I started.

Suddenly, he stopped the hose and poured all the water out of the gun. “Let’s go in, your lips are turning blue.”

“What?” I exclaimed. “What about our game?” I couldn’t help but sound disappointed. My brother pulled me into the house. He got a big, fuzzy blanket and threw it over me. It draped over my face. “Hey!” I yelled playfully, pulling the blanket back over my head.

“Whoops,” he said in a funny clown voice. He got out one of my mom’s finest cups and a tea bag. He filled the cup with hot water and dropped the tea bag in the cup. He said, “Care for some biscuits and truffles?”

I giggled and was about to answer when I heard a rattle of keys and the click of the key turning in the keyhole. The door opened and in came our parents.

“Hi Paul, hi Isabel,” my mom said. Then she asked, “Why are you all wet?”

My brother and I shared a quick glance. “No reason,” we said at the same time.

The Water Gun Fight Isabel Won
Isabel Won, 11
Belle Mead, New Jersey

The Water Gun Fight Katherine Wang
Katherine Wang, 13
Tampa, Florida