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Stone Soup Magazine
April 2018

By Emilei Lu

I hold onto the
kite of my life
I set it all free
In the winds of my childhood
It soars
Next to many other kites
Higher and
We ascend to the
skies of reality
Listening to the
whistling sounds of
of the air
Smelling the
wafting aroma of
the viridescent garden below
The skies suddenly darken.
One lightning of frustration
A crack in my stern
You will fall
Says that melancholy voice
But be there to mend
your stern
and get back up
for at the end
your only regret will be
not taking the chance in
the first place
The purpose of my life
Is to live
A life.

Emilei Lu Untitled

Emilei Lu, 11
Shanghai, China

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