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I climb the water oak in my yard
Its gray bark
Tearing my once smooth skin
As I pull myself to a
New branch
A cool breeze
Like the cloud
That rolls out of the freezer
When you crack open the door
But gentler, softer
Breathes on my face

The sea of
Gray, white, blue
Swirling as one sky
Lifts my heart
And makes it joyful
That special joy
Your heart pounds
Your chest aches
Your eyes water
Your lips smile

The dull
Almost twilight
Giggles from behind
A cloud
Showing up
In gay splotches
Here and there
Every thing
Every worry or care
Every war, lie, death
Shut out
All is beauty
When I’m
Up in a tree

Up in a Tree Isabel Sutter
Isabel Sutter, 13
Houston, Texas