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I am on my dad’s computer
scanning Craigslist and
stressing over the
purchase of a new bike,
as I am adamant
about getting one that
doesn’t have a sloped bar,
which is a trait of stereotypically
“girl” bikes,
and I don’t want one with
a horizontal bar either,
a “men’s” bike,
so the one I would
really like would have a
half bar,
like my current bike,
that sits without curve on a
and look—
here is a red one,
with the bar that I want,
simple gear shifters,
and just my size of 16,
and it is listed as
a women’s bike,
but I will get it anyway,
so my dad and I
schedule a trip
to pick it up,
and it takes less time than
formerly thought,
only thirty minutes with the
pandemic and all and—
oh right.
The pandemic.

Cora Burch
Cora Burch, 13
Van Nuys, CA