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I am a beaver.
Wood is wood.
I need to find it for the dam.
Did you know I used to be taller than LeBron James?
My prehistoric great (x4) grandfather was 7 ft., 6 in.
Even though my friends only live for 24 years,
I’ve been here for 30.
Every beaver knows that the best wood is birch.
Axes are useless.
Teeth are much better.
I don’t understand humans.
They build tall houses.
Why do they put hygienic mint soap on their teeth?
Why would you use valuable resources to build just a house?
Sometimes they put water on their heads along with eye-wrenching substances.
They think that they are “using the land for industrial purposes,”
But it is for building structures that will get destroyed the next time there is a flood.
Don’t get me started on European beavers.
They think they are elegant and unique.
They are slightly larger
With heads like squares.
I am sorry—
I forgot to say my name.
My name is Bucky.
Humans think we “destroy the land.”
But, they do so too.
Thank you for your understanding.
FoLoSшo (Goodbye in Beavarian).