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Dozing in the Sun


The trees are like people running a marathon. I was in the car. My older sister Chanah and younger sister Sarah are fighting.

The noise that’s coming from them I imagine to be the sound of the crowd cheering.”We’re here,” my father shouts over the noise. Here at the campsite.

”How many more camping stops until Oregon?” I ask.

”This is the last stop,” my mother replies. Yes! I cheer silently. It’s not that I don’t like camping, it’s just going to be nice to sleep in a real bed.

We enter the forest which we are camping in. It’s breathtaking. The sun hits the trees like a wave of light. It’s magical. We check in at the wooden booth and we also find out there are bears. We all cross our fingers for good luck and head for the actual campsite.

That night, as we’re climbing into our sleeping bags, I hear a soft rustle coming from outside the tent. ”What’s that?” I ask my parents.

We all are quiet listening for other sounds. It comes again except this time it’s a little squeak like a baby bear. My mother peeks out of the tent and gasps with surprise. We all peek out and see a family of bears eating our leftovers. It’s an amazing sight. The stars are twinkling underneath the midnight sky and over a family of bears. I hear a sudden click of a camera. We all turn around in surprise. It’s Chanah. She smiles sheepishly. ”Sorry” she says, “it’s just too much of an amazing sight not to take a picture,” she protests. We all smile and laugh. Chanah smiles. We all crawl back into our sleeping bags and go to sleep.

Rose Zimmerman Camping with bears
Rose Zimmerman, 7
Oakland, CA

Estella E. J. Howard Dozing in the Sun
Estella E. J. Howard, 11
Alberta, Canada