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Closed casket
Never can I see her again
My heart chips
My favorite song
I will never hear again
Another piece chips
They try to take the casket to the car
My sister can’t take it though
She runs to the casket
Screaming no no no
I watch
She doesn’t want to let go
As they try to pry her off
I chip again
We get into the car
My heart chips
They put her in the grave
I know I won’t see her for a long time
A big chip chips
The gates close
Behind the gates
My heart hides
Chipped and broken inside
Scared to be broken again
Scared to love
Scared to come out
I live on
I pushed people back
Never showed love or feeling
Only power, no pain
No more love to show
This myself now
Broken in pain
Do not fear
I will be here again
Powerful with feelings
Showing myself
And in pain
I won’t care
I will be here once again
I ride back home
My home Tuscaloosa
I’m silent
Watching the trees pass
I see
Mothers and daughters having fun
I start to cry
I suck up the tears
I say to myself
It will be okay
Even though I know I won’t
It’s been a week since the funeral
I am home now
Lying in my bed
Repeating the poem I wrote during the funeral
I look out my window
My friend wants to hang out
I say I can’t
And shut the door

Genesis Lee author of Chipped
Genesis Lee, 12
Tuscaloosa, AL