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The rest of this page contains the history of all our current and past contests, the winners, and their work.

Book-Writing Contest: Summer 2019

Stone Soup is seeking submissions for a book contest from writers aged 14 and younger. The winning manuscript will be ...
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Congratulations to our Writing for a Podcast Contest Winners!

First Place “No Longer Blue" by Olivia Park, 12 Second Place “The Dreamer" by Claire Nagle, 12 Third Place “A ...
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Spring 2019 Contest: Writing for a Podcast

Write a story, and have it recorded and broadcast as a podcast episode Stone Soup has partnered with AV Education, a ...
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Congratulations to our 2018 Concrete Poetry Contest winners!

First Place ($50) “Steam” by Sabrina Guo, 12 Second Place ($25) “Moonlight” by Ashley Xu, 13 Third Place ($10) “Octopus” ...
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Secret Kids contest: write a book and win your own publication deal

Update as of April 22, 2019: Congratulations to the contestants shortlisted in the Secret Kids Book Contest. Stone Soup is ...
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Congratulations to our 2018 Short Short (Flash) Fiction Contest Winners!

First Place ($50):  “The Pendulum” by Sabrina Guo, 12 Second Place ($25): “The Sycamore Tree” by Mira Johnson, 8 Third ...
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