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Deep in the White House,
maybe in a closet,
the door is shut and
barricaded from
the inside by an
armoire and a heavy sofa.
To his left you might see a
machine gun.
To his right is a decoy:
a rifle labeled
the 2nd Amendment.
The man’s face is in shadow.
On the wall, his country’s
upside-down flag hangs crookedly.
On the wall opposite,
the flag of treason has been
nailed to the wall
beside the hanging skeletal figure of a
young man.
A Bible sits,
brand new and yet covered in dust,
on a barren shelf behind him.
On the back wall,
a flat-screen TV
frames his face.
There is a whiteboard
deep inside the closet.
An Expo marker is tied on a string
to the corner of the board.
It has been recently erased.
A picture of his daughter has been
tacked to the board with a
round black magnet,
her face false with make-up.
If you look closely,
you will see that
his right shoelace is undone.
The hem of his pants are crooked.
Perched on the bridge of his nose
is a pair of borrowed glasses.
If he knew these things,
if he could see these things,
he would not let them slide.
The man is cornered.
He has cornered himself.

Cora Burch
Cora Burch, 13
Van Nuys, CA