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The Lonely Radio

A radio grapples with its essentially passive existence as the world crumbles around it

Street Cats

Lorraine gets fed up when the cats in her neighborhood won’t stop following her around

Ma’s Riches

A poor mouse family prepares for a visit from their king and queen


Being a guard dragon means a lonely and difficult life


Brianna’s head is in the clouds, and she’s happy that way until a comment from her art teacher pushes her to change

An excerpt from Born on the First of Two

Editor’s Choice in our 2020 book contest

Rain, Rain, Go Away

An outdoor field trip goes ahead as planned, despite the torrential downpour

Let It Be

The writer learns a valuable lesson after bringing home a pet worm

The Peacock

An unexpected visitor alights on the writer’s roof

Cold Heart


Old Man


Cedar Tree


Parallel Christmas


The Revolutionary War


Pieces of Sunset




A Beautiful Wood


Winter Wonderland


Beauty Among Ancient Walls


Silent Snow


Bridge in the Snow


Guarding the Garden


The Acorn


Above and Below






Dragon Eye


The Attack of the Christmas Lights






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