Stone Soup Magazine
February 2018

Editor’s Note

We No Longer Go Outside

Hua, a young dog, reflects on life with her owner—before she got sick

The Waterfall

A princess’s life is not so amazing and magical as you’d imagine

The Balcony

Milo confronts his greatest fear: the 20-story-high balcony

Gleaming Star

Years after her father’s death, Katie wonders who will walk her down the aisle

Love/Hate Relationship

Magnificence! Why me?

Stroll at Sunset

The painter of the skies brushes his paintbrush silently

The Road to Williamstown

It is suffocatingly beautiful, / and exhilarating at the same time.

Mist at the Lake

Creek Reflection



Glass Bunny

Flower Cow

The Children of Exile

Stone Soup Honor Roll: February 2018

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