Editor’s Note


When the World Woke Up

A celebration of dawn’s quiet joy

Jennie’s House

Moving forces Jennie to reconsider what makes a house a home

The Alien Who Copied Everyone

Alien dreams of leaving his regular life on planet Watercolors to become an explorer


Sawterra, who thinks she looks as terrible as her name sounds, wishes to become beautiful

A Place in the World

Desperately missing his homeland and sick of moving every few weeks, Orson decides to run away

The Director

Alora prepares to begin her career in a world where birth and genetic engineering determine your future

The Famous Painting

Lotus is not a famous painter, but she hopes her latest painting will change that

Riverside Kingdom

A magical trip to Yellowstone, perfectly preserved in the writer’s memory

The Moon


The Ambassador


The Swan




Mountain and Trees


Through Light and Color


Invisible to Human






The Little Mermaid




Music to My Ear


Raindrops on Roses


Stone Soup Honor Roll: January 2021