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Rico the chicken dreams of being champion of a sport dominated by bigger birds

Thin Ice

The narrator has a close call on the thin ice of a forest stream

The Rise of Athena

Athena makes the other gods jealous with her ingenious new invention

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

A retired police officer stumbles onto a mystery at the Louvre

Elephants Never Forget

Gram can’t seem to fit in with the other students at school

One Winter Day

A student takes a break from a long, cold day with a hot cup of noodles.

One Person Short of a Family

Siblings receive devastating news after their father misses afterschool pickup

When I Accidentally Drew an Arc around My Butterfly

The narrator turns a mistake into something beautiful

I am Here


The Onlooker


My Sneakers


What Poetry Isn’t


Morning Love




January 14th in Asheville. Year 2023.


Memories of a Season Passed


Sapling Shadow


The Royal Wave




Water on Wood


Bright Vision


The Arcadia


Twilight Fortress


Light on Water Wall


Triangle Man


Lunch Time


A World of Color


Sucked into Black




Mischievous Grin




The Sorrowful Horse


Stone Soup Honor Roll: January/February 2024


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