Stone Soup Magazine
January/February 2007

They’re Pigs!

What if you woke up and your whole family had turned into pigs?

Second Chance

Mina is determined not to make friends at her new school

A Different Kind of Lullaby

Putting her feelings in writing helps Abby feel less lonely

The Old Farmhouse

Janie realizes her mom is having a hard time too

Summer of the Sea Turtles

Tyler will do anything to protect the sea turtle eggs

Guess What, Rebecca Baits?

Rebecca, Fred, Sarah and George are best friends, until...


Stranded on an island, Mae has lots of time to think

The Time Magicians

Will Gareth ever see the value of his uncle's powers?

Night in the Woods

My Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union Soldier

Underground Man

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