The Scarlet King

It was an icy cold morning. I struggled to wake from the blissful sleep I had enjoyed all night. I stretched luxuriously and half smiled, but then, glancing at my clock, I abruptly jumped up into the frigid air our clumsy black woodstove was desperately trying to warm. “Oh...” I moaned, suddenly remembering it was [...]

Finding Keeper

It was late October on the verge of November and the sky had lost all of its brightness, taking on the stark, ink-black tone of night. On and on it stretched, broken only by occasional clusters of stars. It was cold, too. A cold that seeped all the way to the bone, turned exposed skin [...]

An Indescribable Feeling

The finest time to go fishing is at dusk. A hazy fog is settling over the lake, and the sun sits perched just above the crown of the tree line, casting a multitude of soft colors. I prepare myself, sliding slowly into the canoe, balancing myself and making sure not to fall into the crisp [...]

Friends Forever

CHAPTER ONE THE MARE I ran, the scent of humans growing ever stronger. I had to protect my foal. I nosed her into a crevice, which any human would pass by without a second glance, and then I too followed her into the crack. We had lost the herd from the very beginning. The humans [...]

A Fortunate Soul

Reina took a step back, aimed carefully, and fired the basketball. It was the middle of winter. Her thermometer informed her that it was only forty-five degrees outside, so she had on sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She was alone, for it was only eight o’clock in the morning. She always shot baskets in the morning [...]

You Can Reach the Horizon

The bam of the gun and the final wail of his mother—his entire world had fallen apart. The frail windows nearly shattered from the heat of his burning tears streaming down his face, loosening the tight grip of the dust and sand that clotted his eyelashes. The young boy ran through the torn but precious [...]

The Power of the Swan

Jay pedaled his bike around and around the block. There was nothing else to do. Everyone from school was either not available or was taking a trip. Jay was thinking very hard about one particular thing. Not a thing, actually, it was a person. He was thinking about his mother. His mother had died only [...]

I See Only Beauty

Liquid glass shatters on the sidewalk from the angry sky Scattering all the pedestrians like ants They hurry home to the comfort Of their TV dinners and their television sets While I walk the streets— A garbage bag as my raincoat, my heart light I find Picasso in a puddle And stories in the sky [...]

The Trains That Went By 31 Years Ago

I watch the trains go by The sky takes on a purple haze that seems unique to London As I slowly fall asleep, I try to imagine my father doing the same thing, decades ago I am lying in the house he grew up in, in the same bed, with the same blanket I imagine [...]

The First Morning of Winter

It is silent. Skeletons of trees. A lonely crow shrieks. And is gone in a black smudge, Erased from the sky. The air is cold melted silver, Each breath freezes and falls, Then shatters on the ground. Blades of grass cocooned in frost, Crackle when you step on them. The last leaf falls, A drop [...]

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm, by Kate Messner; Walker Books: New York, 2012; $16.99 Have you ever thought about what the future will hold? My first thoughts have been drastically altered after reading Eye of the Storm, by Kate Messner. It’s the year 2050, and twelve-year-old Jaden Meggs is going to spend her summer at her [...]

Okay for Now

Okay for Now, by Gary D. Schmidt; Clarion Books: New York, 2011; $16.99 I looked forward to reading this book about a thirteen- year-old boy, thinking that I’d be able to relate to him right away. I couldn’t have been more wrong because his life was so different from mine. However, the author, Gary Schmidt, [...]